Eighth Beef Package

From USD $375.00
  • Product code: PJUJPC

Below are the retail cuts provided in an Eighth, our most popular package. 


  • 1 Chuck Roast 
  • 1 Flat Iron Steak 
  • 2 Ranch Steaks 


  • 1 London Broil 
  • 1 Round Roast 


  • 2 T-Bone Steaks 
  • 2 Porterhouse Steaks 
  • 1 Filet (aka Tenderloin) 
  • 1 Sirloin Steak 

Hamburger & Special Processing 

  • 22 lbs. Ground Beef (1 lb. packs) 
  • 2 Chip Steak Packages 
  • 2 Beef Cube Packages (for soup or roasts) 


  • 4 Ribeye Steaks (aka Delmonico) 

Extras (1 of the following typically included) 

  • Petite Tender 
  • Mock Tender Roast 
  • Tri Tip Roast 
  • Flank Steak


*A deposit of $100 is required once the order is confirmed.  A payment request will be emailed to you at that time.  Cash and checks are preferred.  If paying with a credit card, a 3% processing fee will be added to the charge.

There are two ways to get your beef.

(i) Delivery: Patrick will arrange the logistics with you. Deliveries further than 20 miles from the farm require a sufficient quantity. There is an additional delivery cost of $25 per Eighth.

(ii) Farm-gate customers: Pickup at the farm Monday through Saturday, by appointment.  Patrick will let you know when your order is ready for pick-up.